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When NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found out that the pens wouldn't work at zero gravity as ink wouldn't flow down to the writing surface. They took one decade and $12 million to develop a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down underwater, and in practically any surface including crystal.

And what did Russians do.. They used a PENCIL!

Always look for simple solutions. Devise the simplest possible solution that solves the problems.
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The Simplest LED Flashlight For Android

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led light
[Picture borrowed from game 'Alone In The Dark']

This app is for Android phones that have camera LED flash. It's one and only function: Turn on the LED so you can use your phone as torchlight.

The Simplest SMS-like Messenger For Android

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whatsapp android

Well most people already know this app by now, but I still need to write about it because no smartphone is complete without it.

WhatsApp's widespread among smartphones (Android, iPhone and Blackberry) makes it the simplest tool to communicate between different smartphones.

The Simplest Way To Bypass A DNS Block

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you shall not pass
[Picture borrowed from movie 'The Lord of the Rings']

Since many people asked me how to bypass a DNS block (a common method to filter websites that you can surf), I'd made a short guide on this topic.

The Simplest QR Code And Barcode Scanner For Android

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barcode scanner

First Android guide.. lets start with something simple :) This app is useful because I'll be adding QR code that links straight to the app download page for all android guides.

QR code is nothing new, it is 2D barcode which stores information (widely used for website URLs) and can be scanned by most smartphones today.

Android Guides Coming Soon!

Just bought a Samsung Galaxy S II in replace of my iPhone 3GS.. this is my first time of using an Android phone and I must say I love every bit of it! It can do so much that iPhone can't. All that freedom...


[Picture borrowed from movie 'Braveheart']

I'm researching intensively on Android now (hence the lack of update).. stay tuned because Android guides will be coming your way in The Simplest form possible :)

I'll be back.

The Simplest Way To Find Subtitles For Your Movies (via Website)

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find subtitles
[Picture borrowed from movie 'The Lord of the Rings']

Legally or illegally, watching movies on your PC/media Jukebox is a common trend now. However most of the time these movies don't come with subtitles. Fortunately for subtitle lovers like myself, it's very simple to download subtitles via internet legally.

The Simplest Way To Search For Text Within ASCII Text Files

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search file context

Programmers / Web developers will find this software very useful. A lot of times we need to find for a certain string or text within our huge project and the clumsy Windows Search just won't do the trick.

The Simplest Way To Find Out The Difference Between Two Files

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spot the differences
[Picture borrowed from 'Spot the Differences' PSP game]

*Updated 4/4/2011* Previously I introduced Files Compare Tool for this task, but after some time I found that it lacks certain features and doesn't support Unicode (chinese words for example). Winmerge is the better software overall and it never let me down.

I found this tool extremely useful for programmers when they need to find out what has been modified from the original. This tool will show you the difference between two files (text only) instantly.