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The Simplest Way To Make A Virtual Copy Of A CD/DVD

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Nowadays your harddisk is so big that you could technically store every CD you own in it. However many software/games don't work if you just copy & paste the files directly from the CD. In this case you will have to..

  1. Create the virtual copy of the CD.
  2. Create a virtual CD drive that can read the virtual CD.

You'll need two separate programs (all free) to achieve the two steps above.

PS: You must own the CD legally and do not use the method taught here for illegal purposes (such as distributing the virtual CD online via file sharing)

Let's start with the first step..

1) Start ImgBurn and click the button below.

     virtual cd

2) Select your CD source, Destination folder (where you want the virtual copy to save at), and click the button at the bottom to start creating the virtual CD.

     virtual cd 2

3) You now have an ISO file (the filename could be example.ISO) in your destination folder set in step 2.

You're done! Please proceed on to the next guide The Simplest Way To Create A Virtual CD Drive To Read Your ISO files!


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