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The Simplest Video Player For Android

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Looking for a video player that is simple to use yet powerful? Look no further.

After trying several different video players on Android market, I keep coming back to this one.

MoboPlayer is combines easy to use interface, along with superb playback and subtitle support, plus it's free!


  • Supports all video formats that I tested. (this is one of the few video players that supports RMVB format)
  • Supports built-in subtitles of MKV, MPV, MOV etc. As long as external SRT, ASS and SAA subtitles.
  • Auto generates video thumbnails.

Features I liked that are not found in most other players (they might have one or two features but not all):

  • Launch MoboPlayer and press 'Play' icon to instantly resume from your last video playback session :) With this I can quit MoboPlayer anytime, and come back later at the exact same spot!
  • Click on 'Folders' icon and select folders to be scanned. Other video players either scan every single folder for videos, or they can only scan just one folder.
  • Drag finger up and down on the left/right side of the screen to control brightness/volumn.
  • Press Menu button to lock the screen from any input.


moboplayer 1 moboplayer 2 moboplayer 3

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