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The Simplest QR Code And Barcode Scanner For Android

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First Android guide.. lets start with something simple :) This app is useful because I'll be adding QR code that links straight to the app download page for all android guides.

QR code is nothing new, it is 2D barcode which stores information (widely used for website URLs) and can be scanned by most smartphones today.

When you see a QR code, just launch this app and point it with your phone camera. Try it scanning the QR code above and tap 'Open browser' on your android phone to jump straight to the app download page.


  • Scans QR codes instantly.
  • Create your own QR code by pressing Menu -> Share. You can type any text or share existing contacts/bookmarks.
  • It scans 1D barcodes too but I never tried it. (it claims to help getting prices and reviews of products)


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