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The Simplest Way To Upload Pictures To

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For those who wanted to attach a picture when chatting in the forums.. it's pretty easy.

1) When writing your content, click 'Image' in toolbar shown.

       upload picture 1


2) Click 'Browse Server' in the next window.

3) Click 'Upload' -> 'Browse...' -> select image file -> 'Upload' -> wait upload finish -> 'Send to ckeditor'

       upload picture 2

4) Click 'Ok'

5) There is no step 5!


Tips for uploading images:

  • Maximum dimension is 800x600 and filesize of 1mb. Images larger than this will be resized automatically.
  • Every registered user has a 10mb quota (total pictures uploaded).
  • All user uploaded images is located in his/her own folder and user may access it anytime. (Click 'My Account' -> 'File Browser' after login.)
  • You may use pictures from other websites directly by typing in the URL of the image instead of clicking 'Browse Server' in step 2 above.
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