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The Simplest Way To Revive Touch Typing On Your Modern Touch Screen Phones (Android)

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Do you miss the old phones with physical buttons which you were able to type without looking at your phone screen? What this app does is it revives the possibility of touch typing in modern touch screen phones.

People who may find usage in this app:
1) Everyday users who want to touch type without relying on word prediction.
2) People who needs bigger keys, for example an elder person.
3) People who are visually impaired looking for easy to learn input method.


How it works:
The keyboard only has 4 keys. You can type a character with just the 4 keys by entering various combination. It is designed to be very intuitive and don't actually need to memorize all the combinations - just recall how you write a, b, c! Refer to the cheat sheet below and you'll understand.

A4 printer ready cheat sheet can be found here: (also accessible within app settings)



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