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The Simplest Way To Schedule A Program To Run

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Not many people will find this useful but for some.. this might come in handy.

PS: The guide below refers to Windows 7. For WinXP user, the procedure is quite similar and you could refer to Microsoft's guide.

1) Go to 'Start' -> 'All Programs' -> 'Accessories' -> 'System Tools' -> 'Task Scheduler' (or 'Scheduled Tasks' for WinXP)

2) Click 'Create Basic Task...'

     schedule program 1

3) Enter a Name and Description for your own reference later.

4) Select whether you want to schedule it to run daily, weekly, or just one time. 

     schedule program 2

5) After that, specify the date and time for your program to run.

6) Select 'Start a program'. (You may choose Display a message to show a pop-up reminder)

     schedule program 3

7) Browse to your program executable. Here I chose my beloved uTorrent :)

     schedule program 4

8) Finally, check everything is correct and click 'Finish'!

     schedule program 5


End Note:

At any time, you may check your scheduled task by opening Task Scheduler and click 'Task Scheduler Library'. Your task will be listed there with the name given by you in Step 3 above.

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