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The Simplest Way To Print Screen (Screen Capture) A Window That Needs Scrolling

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printscreen scrolling window

Normally you just use the Print Screen key to capture your screen, but what if you wanted to capture a whole document/webpage that needs scrolling?

Here's a neat print screen utility that has lots of useful features. One of them is it can automatically scroll (vertical only) and capture the contents of a window.

1) Launch FastStone Capture and select 'Capture Scrolling Window' from the toolbar, or just press Ctrl + Alt + Printscreen on your keyboard.

2) Point your mouse cursor on the window you wish to capture and left-click.

     printscreen scrolling

3) It will scroll down automatically and capture the whole thing. Result as shown:

     printscreen scrolling result

4) You may do some simple editing here and save the image as JPG, PNG, TIFF etc.


End Note:

  • The download link above is the latest Freeware version of the software (version 5.3). The latest version is now shareware (not free) and can be downloaded here.
  • Only support vertical scroll, horizontal scroll not supported for now.
  • This program is a very useful print screen utility even without this function. See this guide that introduces other features of the program.


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