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The Simplest Way To Create Light Saber Effect In Photoshop CS4

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[Light Saber effect I created using Photoshop CS4]

I wrote this guide as simple as possible so don't be afraid if you're a total photoshop beginner. I also created the video version if you prefer to learn via video.

1) Open any photo that you like, in your bottom right corner (layers panel) click 'Create a new layer', we'll work on this layer from now on. (Leaving the original photo untouched)

     light saber 0
2) Select 'Line Tool'

     light saber 1

3) Set width to like 10px or more (depending on your photo you may need to increase the size, this will be the size of your saber) and draw a straight line.

     light saber 2

4) Click 'Add a layer style' button and select 'Outer Glow'

     light saber 3

5) Click 'Set color of glow' and select any color (I picked green.. feel free to choose the dark side instead :) )

     light saber 4

6) Set 'Spread' to 12% and move the 'Size' slider left and right while observing your saber, click OK when it looks right (trust me, any starwars fan will know)

     light saber 5

7) You can stop here if you're satisfied, though a minor tweak can make your saber more realistic, continue reading step 8..

     light saber 6

8) Click 'Filter' -> 'Blur' -> 'Gaussian Blur'

     light saber 7

9) Move the slider left and right while observing your saber until it looks right (trust me, you'll know)

     light saber 8

10) Below shows before and after applying Gaussian Blur effect, do you see the difference?

     light saber 6light saber 9

11) May the force be with you, always.

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