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PC Tricks (Blog)

The Simplest Way To Find The Past Tense Of Any Word

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[Picture source:]

*Updated 15 November 2013*

If a past tense is entered, instead of displaying no result, system will now point to the original word.

Sometimes I tend to forget what's the past tense of certain words, and would need to google for it. I always wonder why there isn't such a site that can help me simplify this task.

Therefore, I decided to build my own :)

The Simplest Way To Move An Off-Screen Window Back Into Sight

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off-screen window

If you used Windows long enough, you should have encountered a problem where a window was moved off-screen and you can't get it back to sight using all the methods you know.

I just faced this issue recently and found a simple way to do so with some help from Google. The method is quite simple and was there since Windows XP. (Why haven't I figured this out earlier?)

The Simplest Way To Fix A PC With Blue Screen Or Keeps Restarting / Rebooting Itself

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blue screen of death

It is everyone's nightmare that their PC suddenly keeps rebooting itself for no apparent reason, however it is a very common issue faced by lots of people and you're not alone. In this article I will list down the most common causes among the hundreds, if not thousands of possible factors that can cause this issue.

I decided to write this guide because I had the same problem yesterday, when I almost went all out to buy a new PC, before I decided to go online and do some research. The cost spent to fix my PC is just a mere 5USD item, which I will reveal later at the end of the article.

The Simplest Way To Create A Bootable USB Installer For Windows

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bootable usb windows

Formatting a PC and reinstalling Windows maybe troublesome for some, but it's much easier and faster if you have a bootable USB installer. For some cases with faulty DVD drives (such as my own), a USB Windows installer is the only option to go.

The Simplest Way To Compress A Picture (Also Multiple Pictures)

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compress picture

*Updated 3/11/2012* with simpler method.

Compressing pictures/photos before sending to our friends is not necessary (because of large email storage and high speed broadband these days), but still a good way to show that you're considerate.

Here's a method so simple that anyone could do it. (Senior friendly)

The Simplest Way To Get A Fake U.S. Identity (For Various Online Services)

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bourne identity
[Fake identities for Jason Bourne were generated using this tool]

There are quite a few internet services require the user to have a U.S. address. PSN and Amazon app store are two examples that I use myself; by entering my real country I was blocked from accessing some U.S. only contents on PSN, and I also can't download the daily Free apps offered by Amazon app store for Android.

For those who are living outside of U.S., all you need to do to get full access (legally, since you're not doing anything bad) is to sign up using a U.S. address. However most systems will check your address validity so simply pressing random keys on your keyboard won't work.

The Simplest Way To Download Youtube Video As MP3 (or Any Video Formats)

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youtube to mp3

Often we come across some youtube songs, accompany by MV or just the album cover, that we wish to download as MP3.

Yes that are many tools that can be utilized to perform this task. For example one can download the youtube video and then extract the audio out using some tool, but why the hassle?

This website does all the work for you and lets you download the MP3 straight. Conversion to other video formats is also supported.

The Simplest Way To Identify The Worst Web Hosting Company Ever

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fatcow sucks

To all the serious bloggers out there who are seeking for a good and reliable web host for your blog, listen to me very carefully.

Though I don't know how to identify the best web host in the world, I can tell you which one to avoid.

The Simplest Way To Find Subtitles For Your Movies

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all your subtitles are belong to us
[Picture borrowed from game 'Zero Wing']

Previously when I wrote a guide on this same topic, I was mistaken. That's not the simplest way.. not even close.

Here's the real and bogus SIMPLEST way to find subtitles for your movies.

The Simplest Way To Record Your Computer Screen

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screen recording

*10/16/2011 Updated to new method*

To record your computer screen and save it as video, there are many different software available. Some professional ones like Camtasia Studio costs $299.

I tried many different software that does the job but so far this is the best freeware solution.