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The Simplest Way To Get A Disposable Email Address (And Let It Eat All Your Spam!)

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Many website are dying to get your email address (so they can spam them), but fear not, I'll teach you how to get an email address instantly without any registration, but still able to receive email (and check the contents) :)

1) Make up a random name followed by This will be your email address. For example

2) The moment you made it up it's already exists, cool eh? Use it directly to register at websites/forums.

3) Now go to and type in your made up email in the box below:

     spam email 1

4) You may check your emails here.

     spam email 2

Don't use it to register at though :( I swear I won't spam..

Do take note that everyone in the world may check your email if they type in the made up name at the website, so make sure you don't use this email for receiving important or confidential items. (Just use your real email address for that purpose..)

You may use hard to guess email address such as if you don't like the idea of someone peaking at your emails, even though it's spam.

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Even quicker way to check disaposable email address

Once you have made up your email address, eg., you can check for emails by simply going to to go straight to the inbox. There's no need to go the the site first and then enter the address as a second step.

Cool.. thanks for the tip :)

Cool.. thanks for the tip :)