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The Simplest Way To Extract Text From Image (OCR) With Your iPhone

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OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition which is a technology to convert image to text. In the old days it takes a super computer to perform a complex OCR operation but thanks to the wonders of technology it is now available for everyone with a smart phone! (Both Android and iOS version are available now)

I decided to create the iOS version because the Android version was a huge success for me, and I received quite a number of requests to have it ported over. It's not just a simple port of the Android version because no code can be reused and it had to be built from scratch and specially crafted for the iOS.


  • Offline OCR engine - doesn't require sending data to servers for processing.
  • Simplicity - very simple to use!
  • Image can be cropped to focus on specific text area.
  • Digitized text can be copied to clipboard, or shared with other apps directly.
  • Huge language support.

PS: Ads can be removed via In-App purchase. Feel free to support my development by purchasing advance features :)


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