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The Simplest Way To Find A Contact By Number In Your iPhone

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contact by number

Sometimes you got this number in your hand, but don't know if he/she is in your contacts.. well here's a simple tool that can help you.

By the way, iPhone has this function but it is not very direct, you have to dial in the exact number in 'Phone' -> 'Keypad' and the contact name will appear just below the number if it found a match. This little app is much intuitive and will show any matching results immediately even while you're typing in parts of the number!

Features include:

  • Able to view/update contacts within the app.
  • International Prefix Codes are interpreted according to the country to give you alternate search options. E.g. you will find a +4989-123456 by searching for 089123456.


contact by number 1  contact by number 2

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Learn how to write

Learn how to write effectively. How about you put the name of the app in the article.

Corrected the App link,

Corrected the App link, thanks for pointing it out! Cheers.