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The Simplest SMS-like Messenger For Android

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Well most people already know this app by now, but I still need to write about it because no smartphone is complete without it.

WhatsApp's widespread among smartphones (Android, iPhone and Blackberry) makes it the simplest tool to communicate between different smartphones.

What makes WhatsApp stands out from other messengers?

  • No hidden cost as long as you're connected online via 3G/Edge or Wifi.
  • No International Charges. SMS your friends worldwide!
  • No additional Username/password to remember because it uses your handphone number, just like traditional SMS!
  • Always connected, messages will be alerted via Push Notifications.
  • Upon getting WhatsApp, any WhatsApp users in your phone contacts will be added automatically, hassle free! Also scans your contacts periodically to add anyone who just joined the WhatsApp family.
  • Able to send pictures, audios, video messages, location etc. as well.
  • Now supports group chat :) always wanted a group SMS feature for a long time.

WhatsApp is free for the first year. Not sure if it's worth to pay $1.99/year after that though, since iPhone users get to use it forever with a one time payment of $0.99. 


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