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The Simplest Way To Quickly Turn On/Off Major Features On Android

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With so many features that you can switch on or off (Wifi, 3G data, GPS..) isn't it great to have a centralized place to access all the switches?

Widgetsoid creates widgets on your Android home screen and allows you to fill in any amount of quick toggles. It is an app with infinite possibilities and modifications.

Many Android users often ask:

  • What is the simplest way to turn on/off mobile data?
  • What is the simplest way to turn on LED light? (if your device has one)
  • What is the simplest way to activate USB storage mode (when connecting to PC)
  • How to lock/turn off screen without pressing the hardware button?

All of the above can be solved with this app. Although some features will need your device to be rooted (see What is Rooting?)

There are over 40 toggles to choose from, here are some examples that I selected for my own use:

android toggles

1) Wifi on/off - I'm too lazy to pull down the notification bar
2) Mobile data on/off
3) 2G/3G toggle - This toggle doesn't really work; it only brings you to the Mobile network settings page (Google doesn't allow any app to do this for some reason, not just Widgetsoid)
4) Bluetooth on/off - Again, my laziness swarmed me
5) GPS on/off - Brings you to the GPS settings page, might work for some devices?
6) Lock/Turn screen off :)

android toggles

1) Silent/Vibration toggle - You may choose different combination in Widgetsoid settings
2) Orientation sensor on/off
3) Activate/Deactivate USB Storage mode - Just plug the USB cable to PC, and press this button!
4) Screen always on - Handy when you're working with something and don't want the screen to turn itself off
5) Flashlight - Turns your camera LED on/off. Works for my SGS II (have to choose method 2 in Widgetsoid settings) but not sure for other devices. Try different methods to see which works for your device.
6) Volume control - 6 different volumn controls all in one


End Note

Widgetsoid settings that I mentioned above can be accessed by launching the app.

Some Tips: When customizing your widget, go to Advanced tab and check 'Modifiable' and 'Modifiable icon', this allows you to edit your widget easily later. Also you may save your widget profile easily and reload them later :)

Widgetsoid is very customizable and may take quite some time to learn all its features, there are many more features that I didn't mention such as adding a contact/application shortcut as toggles.

PS: Widgetsoid2.x is for Android version 2.x; If you're running Android 1.6 try this one instead.


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