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The Simplest Way To Bypass A DNS Block

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Since many people asked me how to bypass a DNS block (a common method to filter websites that you can surf), I'd made a short guide on this topic.

What is DNS?

Technically, in order to access websites, we'll need to enter its unique IP address (for example to access facebook one will need to type on the web browser). Since it is hard to remember, a 'phonebook' is used to translate to that number automatically to save the hassle. This 'phonebook' is called the DNS or Domain Name System.

A DNS block is done by simple removing the website from the 'phonebook'.

One can bypass a DNS block in just 5 seconds :) Just use another DNS!

1) Go to Control Panel > Network settings.

2) Click on your LAN or Wifi network connection, and click 'Properties'.

     bypass dns block

3) Select IPv4 and click 'Properties'.

     bypass dns block 2

4) Select 'Use the following DNS Server Addresses' and enter and

     bypass dns block 3

5) Click OK and you may now access websites that were blocked by your DNS.


End Note:

PS: The DNS servers and above are Google's DNS servers. Alternatively you may try other free DNS servers like OpenDNS and Note that some websites are still blocked by these DNS servers.

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