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The Simplest Way To Stop Cough (100% Natural)

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To celebrate 1000 'likes' from Facebook, it's time for some side article :)

I received this email regarding some sort of *secret* cough remedy and decided to try it myself, the result is surprisingly good..

Try it and leave your comments :) It's definitely better than taking medicine!

1. Poke a hole on the orange, allowing heat to enter the flesh so that the flesh can be easily extracted after roasting.

     cough remedy

2. Put it inside an ordinary small oven and roast it for 10 mins. Enjoy the sweet aroma.

     cough remedy 2

3. Grill the orange until it looks like the one on the left side of the picture below. (The skin appears slightly charred)

     cought remedy 3

4. The grilled orange can be easily peeled. Staining it with some salt would make it sweeter and also better to relieve the cough. Consume while it is still warm =)

     cough remedy 4

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I believe in our heal system. And this idea has proven my believe in natural power. Thanks for sharing this

ps: i haven't test it b'cos i dun have cough now


Hehe sharing is caring :) 

My mum tested it after few days of coughing. It was much better the first day and the coughing stopped permanently on the second O_O