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The Simplest Web Hosting Company

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Looking for a reliable web hosting service to host your Wordpress blog/website? Look no further..

It is the simplest because..

  1. Doesn't have 100 different packages to choose from. (for example some cheaper packages allows 2 domains, 3 SQL databases, 3 email accounts only etc.) Everything is unlimited; domains, databases, email, webspace & bandwidth.
  2. One click installation of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, even Forums software.
  3. 24 hours help support. I'm not staying in the U.S. so I never tried their phone support, however their live chat support is surprisingly helpful. Their support staff are very technical people and manage to solve my problems every time.
  4. 99.9% up time, anytime money back guarantee, prices are very competitive.
  5. One free domain name included (free for life as long as you stay with them, or you could transfer out in the future for a small fee)
  6. Uses cpanel (a standard web hosting control panel) which is very simple to use.
  7. One click database & full website backup.

I'd tried other web hosting company before but none of them beats this one in terms of customer support, reliability, and simplicity (my favorite). 

So which web hosting company I'm talking about?

Justhost - The Simplest Web Hosting Company
justhost champion

If you have any doubts and wish to clarify further, this is the best time to try out their live chat support! (Just click 'live chat' button on the main page) Ask them anything and you will be answered by real human beings (I thought they were chat bots at first =.='), it's like chatting on MSN.


Discounted price offer:

Thank you for reading all the way up until this point, to show my gratitude, here's a tip for you to get maximum discount when you sign up :)

1) Click on this Justhost Discount link and click 'Sign up now'.
2) Enter you're desired free domain name which is included in any package).
3) *Important* enter Coupon Code: 50OFF to enjoy attractive prices shown below: (compare to the normal coupon code)

50OFF coupon code Normal coupon code
$2.49/month (4 year plan)
$2.95/month (3 year plan)
$2.95/month (2 year plan)
$3.49/month (1 year plan)
$3.95/month (6 month plan)
$5.95/month (1 month plan)
$3.45/month (4 year plan)
$3.95/month (3 year plan)
$4.95/month (2 year plan)
$5.95/month (1 year plan)
$6.95/month (6 month plan)
$7.95/month (1 month plan)

4) Fill in the details on the next page and you're all set. I took the $3.49/month plan myself but you may choose whichever suits you. By the way, if you decide to cancel your account at anytime Justhost will refund you for the remainder of your term.
5) From time to time, they will try to upsell a lot of services that you will most likely not need, you can't really blame them because their hosting is really cheap. Among the services offered, the daily auto backup service seems attractive, but if you're tight on budget you could just stick with manual backup (download to your PC), it is just one click away =)


End Note:

You might be able to find some cheaper web hosts ($1 per year or some sort), or even Free web hosting services out there. My word of advice is, If you're serious about your website, please refrain from using free web hosting (even blogspot) because they have the right to take down your site anytime due to the fact that you don't actually own them. As for $1/year hosting, all I can say is that the amount of price you pay equals to the amount of service you'll get. The top 10 web hosts in the world are all around the $3 to $7 per month price range.

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Is this good hosting?

Is this good hosting? Currently I'm thinking to transfer my domain from Exabytes to other hosting and still searching for a good u recommend this one?

Good hosting!

I'm using this as well and it's great. No problems so far. Even tried their 24-hour customer service through chat, and solved my queries quickly =)


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Justhost wins Exabytes hands down

Reply to slacx:

It is a very good hosting, and of course I recommend it, if not why would I spend so much time typing such a long review here?

I considered using Exabytes before, the only advantage of Exabytes is that Malaysians get to load the web pages faster because the server is based in Malaysia. If your business is based in Malaysia and targets Malaysians, Exabytes might be a good choice.

Other than that, Exabytes is vastly more expensive. Let's compare them now..
Leave Exabytes' Ebiz Beginners plan aside because it only allows 1 email acc, 1 SQL database, and many restrictions. If you go all the way up to the RM140/year Ebiz Home plan, it gives you 20 email acc, 10 SQL database which sounds better, but it still limits you to only 1 domain hosting, which means you can't host multiple domains on the same hosting!

You have to go for the RM200+/year Ebiz Plus plan to be able to host multiple domains (10 allowed only) but still with other restrictions like 10GB disk space and 50GB monthly transfer. Already having headache with all the different packages? Then there is this Ebiz Gold and finally Ebiz Gold Unlimited. Ebiz Gold Unlimited basically gives everything unlimited, such as disk space, bandwidth, emails, SQL databases, domains.. but it costs RM300+ per year. If you take the 1 or 2 years plan from Justhost, the package I would say similar to Ebiz Gold Unlimited but it only costs RM120+/year.

The victory is clear.

Justhost wins Fatcow in user friendliness

I'm helping a client to create a website which is hosted on Fatcow (, another web hosting company with similar pricing scheme) but I can tell you although it just switched to cpanel too (previously was even worse) it lacks some of the most basic features which I took for granted in Justhost.

Some features which are not in web hosting:

  • You can't extract zip files directly in the file manager.. which I find annoying because if you're transfering a huge number of small files to your web directory, the fastest way is to zip them up and upload just 1 file (instead of 1000 seperate files). In Justhost file manager you can compress/extract with just one click of the button :)
  • There's a compress/extract standalone function you can access from the cpanel, but it is buggy and sometimes I have to extract the same zip file 3 times before it is actually extracted!
  • There's no backup function in the cpanel, you have to manually zip up a folder in your web directory and download it to your PC to backup. Unlike Justhost the whole procedure is just one click away.
  • No MySQL database manager.. unlike Justhost which is direct and intuitive.
  • Another thing about the file manager, everytime you delete/add something, when you click 'refresh' the process is much slower than in Justhost.
  • And Fatcow's pricing is slightly higher than Justhost! >.<

Conclusion: Please stick with Justhost to save you tons of trouble. So far I've only tried three web hosting - Justhost, Exabytes, and Fatcow, but I don't think I'll try any other web hosting because Fatcow already gave me a lot of headache.