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The Simplest Way To Convert Between Video Formats

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Want to convert a video to play on your iPod or any mobile phones available in the market right now?

I just found the simplest software to do the trick.. for free.

1) Format Factory is a freeware that converts not only video, but audio, image, CD/DVD too. This guide will focus only on video converting.

2) Start the program, then choose the video format you wish to convert to. I would like to convert a video of mine to view on the handphone, so I click on 'All to Mobile Device' here.

     video converter 1

3) All common devices are listed here such as Sony PSP, iPhone/iPod, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson phones etc. Just choose your device :)

     video converter 2

4) All the settings are set automatically, neat! Advance users may change the settings to your liking :) You can even add subtitles!

     video converter 3

5) In the next page click 'Add File' and browse to your video file. You are able to cut a portion of your video to be converted by clicking 'Option' in this page. Click 'Ok' when you're done.

6) Finally click 'Start' to start your conversion! 

     start button


End Note:

This program converts to DVD format as well, though you'll need to burn the video to VCD/DVD after conversion. If you want to play a video on the DVD it's much simpler to use this guide instead.


Format Factory is used in a series of guides in this site:

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