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The Simplest Way To Surf Youtube And Download Videos On Android

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The default Youtube app on the Android is buggy and doesn't allow you to save for offline viewing. This alternative app provides you with extra features that allows you to have a fully enjoyable Youtube experience.

Due to some legal issues (Youtube never officially allow video downloading, though everyone's doing it), this app comes and goes in the Android Marketplace. One day you saw it on the market, the next day it could be gone. So it is recommended to get the app from the official site instead.


  • This app is also good for normal Youtube video streaming (You don't need to download, despite the name of the app).
  • Multiple resolutions and formats to choose (FLV format is recommended for lossless quality).
  • Faster download speed, downloads at background.

What I like about this app compared to the Youtube downloaders on iPhone, is that it saves the video in an open folder and you can play it with any video player you like.. unlike the iPhone where you are restricted to the same app to watch the video, not to mention the painful experience to try to backup or transfer the video to other devices, including your PC. On this end, Android allows you to do everything with the downloaded videos =)


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