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The Simplest Way To Extract Text From Image (OCR) With Your Android Device

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My app just got reviewed by a professional website! Read the full review here:

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition which is a technology to convert image to text. In the old days it takes a super computer to perform a complex OCR operation but thanks to the wonders of technology it is now available for everyone with a smart phone!

I went ahead and develop my first Android app that does OCR because I find it very useful but so far none of the apps in Android Market meets my expectations.


  • Offline OCR engine - doesn't require sending data to servers for processing.
  • Image enhancement engine - Capable of removing noise such as flickering lines seen when taking photo of a computer screen!
  • Simplicity - very simple to use!
  • Image can be cropped, rotated, or saved to SD card as .jpg file (saving is available in Pro version only).
  • Digitized text can be copied to clipboard, shared with other apps directly, or saved to SD card as .txt file (saving is available in Pro version only).
  • Huge language support.

PS: Free version comes with ads. Feel free to support my development by purchasing the Pro version :)


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Android OCR


I want to develop android ocr project for my homework. So that, while i am searching projects that gives best result, i found your application at the google play. I downloaded it to my tablet and i test it with using enhanced image. When color inversed and noise reduction was fully made, your app gives me the best result i have ever tested. Which filters did you use for enhancing image. I will use tesseract api for conversion. But I need some filter before conversion operation. Could you tell me filtering algorithm you use?

Thanks for your application and your advices.

Regards, Ramazan Alper

Great app!

Very impressive app. I particularly liked the ability to modify the images locally for better ocr. Are you using tesseract2 for the ocr engine ?


My friend, What engine this app works? tesseract, abbyy or other?


To whom it may concern,

I am working on a cross-platform phone application that parses the serial number on treasury notes. I was wondering if it would be possible to get some tips and possibly the project file for "OCR Instantly Free". The application is very well done, but I need to retrain the language to recognize the font used on dollar bills.

Sincerely, -JerryDean Smith

Does your OCR app work with

Does your OCR app work with other apps with the startActivityForResult() request. I'd like to have my app start your pro app for a result. I've gotten yours and others to work with the Share With option but I'd like to put a button that calls your app to perform and send that data back to an editText box in my app automatically.

Thanks, GT

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