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Windows Tricks

The Simplest Way To Move An Off-Screen Window Back Into Sight

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off-screen window

If you used Windows long enough, you should have encountered a problem where a window was moved off-screen and you can't get it back to sight using all the methods you know.

I just faced this issue recently and found a simple way to do so with some help from Google. The method is quite simple and was there since Windows XP. (Why haven't I figured this out earlier?)

The Simplest Way To Create A Bootable USB Installer For Windows

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bootable usb windows

Formatting a PC and reinstalling Windows maybe troublesome for some, but it's much easier and faster if you have a bootable USB installer. For some cases with faulty DVD drives (such as my own), a USB Windows installer is the only option to go.

The Simplest Way To Schedule A Program To Run

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time bomb
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Not many people will find this useful but for some.. this might come in handy.

The Simplest Way To Type Special Characters

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special characters

Wanted to type special characters such as ® © ¼ ½ ™ ȇ ǎ À ¿ ? You don't need to memorize any codes because Windows have already built-in a simple tool for this.

The Simplest Way To Manage Programs That Run When Windows Starts Up

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windows is starting up
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First we'll look at Start -> Programs -> Startup folder. Any programs listed there will run during Windows startup. Feel free to add/remove programs from this folder.

However many programs do not utilize this folder and you'll have to follow the steps below:

The Simplest Way To Schedule Your Computer To Shutdown

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schedule shutdown

Ever wanted to schedule your computer to shutdown at specific time? Windows has a secret trick that allows you to do just that :)