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The Simplest Way To Find The Past Tense Of Any Word

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*Updated 15 November 2013*

If a past tense is entered, instead of displaying no result, system will now point to the original word.

Sometimes I tend to forget what's the past tense of certain words, and would need to google for it. I always wonder why there isn't such a site that can help me simplify this task.

Therefore, I decided to build my own :)

The Simplest Thesaurus/Dictionary One-Click Lookup Tool

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dictionary thesaurus

Here's a free program that lets you check for word definitions, synonyms, antonyms and the like with just a click of a button (and you can do it offline). One thing I like about this dictionary is that its database also contains non-standard/slang terms widely used on the internet or online games.

The Simplest Way To Input Chinese Characters (Google Pinyin)

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google pinyin

Installing chinese input in Windows used to be a troublesome task, but since google released google pinyin input software, it is much simpler now..

If your pc can't display chinese characters please refer to this guide.

1) Download 谷歌拼音输入法 from website.

2) Install the software and proceed with the normal settings.

3) After installation complete you may switch from English to Chinese input mode by pressing Alt+Shift key together. You may change the shortcut key for this in the google pinyin settings menu.

The Simplest Way To Display Chinese Characters In WinXP

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the storm warriors

Note that you don't need to install this on Windows 7/Vista. (installed on default)

1) Slide in your WinXP cd/dvd.