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The Simplest Way To Copy Paste Any Text On Your Android Device

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Copy Paste

Ever encountered some text that you would like to copy to clipboard, but unable to?

For example:

  • Android Facebook app's status messages.
  • Some article shared by your friend in Facebook that is actually a picture.
  • Website articles that disables copy and paste.
  • Help page or any text within other Android apps that cannot be copied via normal way (long press text to copy)

I've developed an app that allows you to do copy text in all the scenarios above. Feel free to try it!

The Simplest Way To Revive Touch Typing On Your Modern Touch Screen Phones (Android)

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touch typing

Do you miss the old phones with physical buttons which you were able to type without looking at your phone screen? What this app does is it revives the possibility of touch typing in modern touch screen phones.

People who may find usage in this app:
1) Everyday users who want to touch type without relying on word prediction.
2) People who needs bigger keys, for example an elder person.
3) People who are visually impaired looking for easy to learn input method.

The Simplest Way To Remote Control Your PC Anywhere On Your Android Device

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remote control android

Now you can bring along your home PC anywhere as long as you have your Android device with you (and a Data Plan of course). 

The Simplest Multilingual Keyboard For Android (Also Best Japanese Input)

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android keyboard

I had to write about this Android keyboard app because it changed my Android experience drastically. Before I knew it I am spending most of my time 'typing' on my Android phone as do most people - Whatsapp, email, SMS, website forums to name a few.. therefore a good software keyboard is invaluable.

Introducing Go Keyboard, the best keyboard replacement for Android.

The Simplest Tips To Increase Battery Life On Android Phones

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[Picture borrowed from game 'Infamous']

Smartphone technology is advancing so fast that the battery counterpart couldn't keep up. This is why we need to charge our phones more often than we used to decades ago. Here are some tips to squeeze a little bit more juice from your phone.