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When NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found out that the pens wouldn't work at zero gravity as ink wouldn't flow down to the writing surface. They took one decade and $12 million to develop a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down underwater, and in practically any surface including crystal.

And what did Russians do.. They used a PENCIL!

Always look for simple solutions. Devise the simplest possible solution that solves the problems.
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The Simplest Way Generate Mobile Version Of Any Website

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mobile version
[Vincent Valentine and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Square Enix]

There are a few reasons one would like to surf the mobile (or lightweight) version of a website:

  • Your mobile screen is small and it's hard to fit the whole website without scrolling.
  • You are using limited mobile internet data package.
  • You just want to load the site faster.

Not every website offers the mobile version, however Google has a neat tool for this.

The Simplest Way To Check If A Website Is Safe Or Not

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website safe
[Picture source:]

Many websites nowadays will try to install virus/malware to your PC just by surfing them. How do you make sure if a website is safe?

The Simplest All-in-1 Gamebox For iPhone

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35 games and counting.. this $0.99 package guarantees lots of entertainment pleasure for your iPhone. New games are constantly added from time to time with a simple update. 

The Simplest Way To Backup / Synchronize Files & Folders

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file synchronization

Imagine this scenario: I wanted to backup your photos folder which is 50GB in size, so I copied the whole folder to my external harddisk. Two months later, due to new photos being added, the folder is now 51GB and I wanted to do a backup again.

What did I normally do? Yes, I copied the whole 51GB folder to my external harddisk, went for a coffee break, come back and delete the old 50GB folder!

Troublesome? Here's a freeware for you.

The Simplest Way To Stop iPhone Music Playing After You Fall Asleep

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sleep timer

Haven't you ever fallen asleep while listening to music and eventually got awakened by the same music a little later? If you have, then this app is made for you.

Set the time for the music to stop, just in time for you to fall asleep!

The Simplest Way To Find Out Whether A Website Is Down

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website down

Is the website down for everyone or just me?

The Simplest & Fastest Way To Copy Files Without Interruption

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copy files

Ever tried to copy a large amount of files to/from your external harddisk, estimated that it will take 2 hours to finish so you left it alone and came back 2 hours later, only to find that the file copying job has stopped by some annoying pop up messages like:

  • Are you sure you want to move the read only file..
  • There is already a file with the same name in this location.. 

The Simplest Physics Based Puzzle Game On The iPhone

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ragdoll blaster

Looking for a free physics based puzzle game. Here's one that utilizes physics simulation creatively to create an entertaining puzzle game.

The goal of the game is simple, you'll fire a ragdoll from the canon and as long as it hits the target (using any means necessary, with the help of physics), you advance to the next stage.