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When NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found out that the pens wouldn't work at zero gravity as ink wouldn't flow down to the writing surface. They took one decade and $12 million to develop a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down underwater, and in practically any surface including crystal.

And what did Russians do.. They used a PENCIL!

Always look for simple solutions. Devise the simplest possible solution that solves the problems.
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The Simplest Way To Identify The Worst Web Hosting Company Ever

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fatcow sucks

To all the serious bloggers out there who are seeking for a good and reliable web host for your blog, listen to me very carefully.

Though I don't know how to identify the best web host in the world, I can tell you which one to avoid.

The Simplest Way To Find Subtitles For Your Movies

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all your subtitles are belong to us
[Picture borrowed from game 'Zero Wing']

Previously when I wrote a guide on this same topic, I was mistaken. That's not the simplest way.. not even close.

Here's the real and bogus SIMPLEST way to find subtitles for your movies.

The Simplest Way To Record Your Computer Screen

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screen recording

*10/16/2011 Updated to new method*

To record your computer screen and save it as video, there are many different software available. Some professional ones like Camtasia Studio costs $299.

I tried many different software that does the job but so far this is the best freeware solution.

The Simplest Community Driven GPS Navigator For Android

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android gps

With GPS chip built-in inside most of the Android phones, one may need an up to standard GPS Navigation app to make full use of it.

Introducing a community driven GPS Navigator, which gets better the more users uses it.

The Simplest Way To Resize A GIF Animation Using Photoshop CS4

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[Picture source:]

Yes there are many automated GIF resizers available on the web, but the advantage of using Photoshop for this task includes having the best output quality with the least file size. Not to mention you may also do some enhancement such as changing the brightness or sharpness of each frame.

The Simplest File Explorer For Android

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es file explorer logo

File Explorer is very important in Android platform unlike the iPhone. It's the main selling point of owning an Android device - to feel that you're in control. And just like how you would use your Windows Explorer most of the time in Windows, therefore a good file explorer for Android is a must.

Sometimes good things do come for free :)

The Simplest Live Wallpaper For Android

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[Picture source:]

Have to write about this because I like it so much :) This app simply changes your homescreen wallpaper to a beautiful pond with swimming kois. It changes your screen to soft water surface and you can interact with it by creating ripples with your finger.

The Simplest Way To Surf Youtube And Download Videos On Android

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youtube downloader

The default Youtube app on the Android is buggy and doesn't allow you to save for offline viewing. This alternative app provides you with extra features that allows you to have a fully enjoyable Youtube experience.